We use the best available scientific-based organisational diagnostics powered by a multitude of scientific theory, psychometrics, norms, benchmarks and a real-time workplace analytics reporting system. Our diagnostic instrument is top of its class with a footprint in many organisations in South Africa and globally. Conducting an Organisational Diagnoses assists clients to:

  • Bring the Human Factor and Workplace Functioning to the Boardroom
    Integrate human factor functioning and workplace effectiveness into the balanced scorecard or quantify as part of the business performance metrics in the organisation
  • Determine the Feasibility of your Strategies
    Ensure strategic success by comparing your business strategies with the employees’ capability to act on strategic intent.
  • Manage Outcomes
    Link human factor outcomes to the bottom line of the organisation and manage causal factors based on evidence and impact.
  • Guide Interventions to Maximise ROI
    Instead of focusing on all workplace risk factors, understand the unique dynamics in your organisation to intervene only on risk factors that have the largest impact on critical outcomes.
  • Customise Interventions
    One size fits all does not work. Design your interventions based on the unique characteristics of the different areas in your business.
  • Simulate Intervention Impact
    Before engaging in an intervention, simulate what the impact will be given the unique dynamics in your organisation.
  • Drive Productivity
    Understand the enablers and barriers of productivity in your organisation and areas of operations.
  • Understand Absenteeism
    Identify the workplace factors contributing to absenteeism.
  • Understand your Talent Pool
    Understand the unique characteristics and risks of your talent pool and manage them proactively.
  • Help Employees at Risk
    Given a thorough consent and confidentiality process, help individuals at risk of stress and related ill-health or unwell-being, through your internal processes, Employee Assistance Program, or one of our many partners in the market.
  • Customise your Diversity Management Strategies
    Understand the different needs of your diverse workforce and manage accordingly.
  • Compare Yourself
    Compare yourself to our reasonable workplace norm or other benchmarks to understand whether your Human Factor is functioning reasonably given your situation.
  • Focus on the Positive and the Negative in the Organisation
    The absence of the negative does not mean the presence of the positive, which is why the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark helps you promote the positive while managing the negative in your organisation.
  • Care Initiative
    Give employees a chance to reflect on their work-related well being and experiences of the workplace in a constructive manner.
  • Predict Turnover
    Research has found that turnover intention is an accurate predictor of actual turnover. Predict and quantify turnover in your company and relate these predictions to your bottom line.


We have experience in assisting senior management teams in driving new business strategies across business units and countries. This includes the rollout of company visions and business unit strategies to support the achievement of defined business milestones. We also help business in defining and implementing company values to improve and align business operations. Strategy implementations include:

  • Vision communication and roll-out
  • Values definition and implementation
  • Strategy definition and implementation
  • Journey management (Change management tool used to map the change journey)


We’ve assisting business in defining appropriate structures based on core competencies, while linking this to team and job design. We help drive the entire restructure process through employee engagement across the affected business units with support from Human Resources. Our focus is on minimizing the disruption to business while taking the impact on individuals into account. Restructuring includes:

  • Organizational structure evaluation and design
  • Team and job design
  • Employee engagement
  • Implementation of new structures and roles
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Skills audits
  • Selection strategies and placement


Trending Talent has extensive experience in running internal and external communication programs. Communication strategies are defined to support the business requirements and delivered using a variety of communication channels. Our communication programs include communication in business units, across countries and external stakeholders, such as consumer groups, government and other industry bodies. Communication includes:

  • Companywide initiatives
  • Consumer Programs
  • Legislative requirements
  • Divisional communication and publications


We use the Piilo Change Framework to guide us in the definition and delivery of change initiatives. The framework compliments methodologies such as ASAP, Adkar and Prosci to mention a few.

Change is managed within the context of the organization, process, strategy, technology and people while applying combinations of Change capabilities to facilitate the change process. Change capabilities include:

  • Communication management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Organization design
  • Performance management
  • People development
  • Culture development


We assist business in building change capabilities within their organizations. Change development and training can focus on change leadership, building a change competency with a project office environment or to educate staff on change management in preparation for change interventions. Change training includes:

  • Change leadership development
  • Employee change training
  • Change capability development


Trending Talent has assisted business in operational improvement initiatives such as production, manufacturing, retail and information systems. We understand the impact of business processes and operational improvements on people, organizations and technology. We work with operational teams to deliver defined business results. All our activities are aligned and in support of the defined business benefits.

Business improvement includes:

  • Drafting and reviewing of policies and procedures
  • Process reengineering
  • Process best practice implementations
  • Alignment of structures and jobs
  • Alignment of employee skills
  • Recruitment development and succession process optimization


Powered by Windows Azure, the Piilo Platform glues together various complex technologies and renders a scalable, customizable plug-in and play solution. On-demand, on-screen, integrated talent reporting enables better talent decisions with 9+ Technology Platforms with Deep integration.
Build on Microsoft technology, powered by Windows Azure, Piilo provides a cloud-based middleware platform with a flexible setup (Multi Tenancy Cloud) highly customizable setup (Single Tenancy Cloud) and on-premises highly customizable setup (Private Cloud). Multi and Single Tenancy offers a very competitive plug in and play solution with Multi Tenancy being the most cost effective of the three options and an ideal starting place for most clients.
Piilo solutions can be rendered across devices with a focus on mobility (smart phones) Middleware technology is designed to integrate with other complex technologies, making integration projects easier and less costly.

Piilo provides organizations with scalable, flexible, easy to use and contextual technology solutions to automate employee administration and achieve integrated talent management.



Quality, Variety and Flexibility means we can provide you with the instruments, content and the information you need in each of the below plug-in and play functional modules. Client specific functional areas not reflected below can be incorporated through 3rd party plug in, integration or custom development.


Job Profiles

Create, View and Manage Talent Models, Talent Levels, Talent Requirement Profiles and Job Descriptions with Reporting and rich content.


Application Screening

Create, View and Manage Application Questionnaires, Application Links and Attainment Screening with Reporting and rich content.


Assessment & Selection

Request, View and Manage Psychometric, Competency and Leadership  Assessments. Create View and Manage Interview Libraries , Questions and Guides with Reporting and rich content.


Employee Data Management

Create, View and Manage  Electronic Employee File with multiple upload options and internal information sharing with Workflow and Reporting.


Professional Development Plans

Create, View and Manage Professional Development Plans with Upload, Workflow and Reporting.


Performance Management

Create, View and Manage Performance Contracts and conduct Performance Appraisals with Upload, Workflow and Reporting.


Performance Improvement

Document Performance Issues, Create View and Manage Performance Improvement.


Succession Planning

Create, View and Manage Structured Succession Plans and monitor progress with Reporting and Estimated Succession Ready Dates.


Talent Management

Identify High Potential Employees, Generate 9 Grid Talent Matrix to inform promotion, reward, retention. Measure Talent Return on Investment in the Talent Statement.


Leave  Management

Setup, Allocate Apply, Approve and Manage leave with Workflow and Reporting.


Disciplinary Management

Document Disciplinary Cases, Manage and record various disciplinary levels and stages with Workflow and Reporting.


Disciplinary Management

Document Disciplinary Cases, Manage and record various disciplinary levels and stages with Workflow and Reporting.


Time   Management

Create, View and Manage Time Sheets with Workflow and Reporting.


Contract    Management

Create, View and Manage Contracts with upload and contract renewal reminders.



Trending Talent has a strong track record in helping business with a variety of technology implementations. We have experience in both on premise and cloud-based solutions whether new implementations or upgrades.

This includes:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Honeywell
  • Pillo Software
  • Web and mobile technologies
  • Various 3rd party solutionsChange management for IT requires a comprehensive understanding of the impact and actions required for processes, technology and people. We work with various technologies implementation methodologies relevant to ERPs and other business systems, such as ASAP and PIM to mention a few.


The Trending Talent Support Centre plays an integral role in supporting clients, super users and users with administration, technical and system support. Our user support specialists assist clients and users with:

  • Project implementation support
  • Implementation of assessment requests
  • Candidate completion of assessment
  • Technology and user support
  • Application and recruitment support


Our approach to people is flexible, contextual and enables integrated talent management. We work within the framework of the organizational and talent strategy, current technology and new enabling technology, current and ideal process as well as people implications. Our approach place emphasis on talent requirements, assessment, training and development as well advanced integrated talent management.
We deliver best-fit, holistic talent solutions by gluing together various technology platforms, providing access to best-of-breed suppliers, instruments and expert consulting services. Our approach provides simplified and flexible automated talent solutions that improves the quality of talent decisions and increases the efficiency of the full talent cycle.


Trending Talent* & Piilo Announced as a Prestigious Winner for the 2017 LEAD Awards

Recognizing Exceptional Leadership Development and Programs

On February 8th, the 2017 LEAD Awards Gala took place at the Music City Centre in Nashville, Tennessee, USA where the full details of award winners were revealed. The Trending Talent Piilo Leadership Succession Program implemented for​ Anglo Gold Ashanti Limited, Geita Gold Mine using Piilo Technology, was ranked 9th overall in the category: “Best use of Mobile Technology”.


On February 8th, the 2017 LEAD Awards Gala took place at the Music City Centre in Nashville, Tennessee, USA where the full details of award winners were revealed. The trending Talent Piilo Leadership Succession Program implemented for​ Anglo Gold Ashanti Limited, Geita Gold Mine using Piilo Technology, was ranked 9th overall in the category: “Best use of Mobile Technology”.

Purpose of the Anglo Gold Ashanti Piilo Leadership Succession Program:

A highly-structured development and succession program that: Identifies top talent in the organisation, effectively manages employee succession, ensures that the organisation has the future leadership capacity to deliver on its mandate, positively impacts the long-term leadership quality and performance of the organisation. Participants can access and update their blended learning leadership programs using cloud and mobility technology across devices. Line managers and supervisors have 24/7 access to talent intelligence and leadership development progress within the integrated cloud-based talent management system.


*Trending Talent Solutions Botswana previously traded as HRMC Talent / Top Talent Solutions. Trending Talent is an independent partner of Top Talent Solutions, Piilo, Saville Assessment, PNET, Careers24 and Careerbk.


“The Piilo Talent system is easy to use and provides HR practitioners, line-managers and employees with direct access to potential, performance and development information required to improve talent management and drive high performance. The recruitment process is enhanced using the Saville Assessments available in the system.

As the Botswana Quality Assurance Authority our intention in 2015 was to partner with a supplier and use a system that could assist us in setting the bench mark in Botswana when it comes to Talent Management. Thus far we are satisfied that we are busy doing exactly that.”

Josius Maluzo, HR Director, BQA


“In their partnership with Saville possess often rare and sought-after knowledge, competences and expertise in delivering the best psychometric assessment solutions which have aided Botswana Post in recruiting and attracting the best talent in the market.

I feel confident in recommending their services. They are not only thorough in their process, but also keen on details, swift in response and always willing to take time to address clients’ concerns and respond timeously to enable the business to make informed decisions.”

Keletso Benjamin, Botswana Post, 2015