Technology Platforms

Powered by Windows Azure, the Piilo Platform glues together various complex technologies and renders a scalable, customizable plug-in and play solution. On-demand, on-screen, integrated talent reporting enables better talent decisions with 9+ Technology Platforms with Deep integration.

Build on Microsoft technology, powered by Windows Azure, Piilo provides a cloud-based middleware platform with a flexible setup (Multi Tenancy Cloud) highly customizable setup (Single Tenancy Cloud) and on-premises highly customizable setup (Private Cloud). Multi and Single Tenancy offers a very competitive plug in and play solution with Multi Tenancy being the most cost effective of the three options and an ideal starting place for most clients.

Piilo solutions can be rendered across devices with a focus on mobility (smart phones) Middleware technology is designed to integrate with other complex technologies, making integration projects easier and less costly.

Piilo provides organizations with scalable, flexible, easy to use and contextual technology solutions to automate employee administration and achieve integrated talent management.