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Closing Date: 17 March 2023
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Loans Product Sales Manager  Gaborone
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Main Purpose of the Job

The Loans Product Sales Manager reports directly to the group Operations Manager, and provides daily operational and strategic support in all aspects of Afritec’s business model, and acting as the day-to-day link between Kiosks, Branches and Head Office Support Services staff in all issues which relate to, or impact the day to day running & performance of Sales & together with the Group Operations Manager take responsibility for the implementation and execution of marketing, sales & promotional activities.

Level of Authority

The individual will manage responsibilities independently with only general direction, ensuring that the applicable policies, procedures and operational excellence procedures and practices are followed and applied in order to minimize risk exposure, increase growth for the company and maximize sales.


Detailed Purpose of Job

Loans Product Sales Manager will be responsible for administering and growing his department, appointing Staff, opening and closing kiosks & branches per business requirements, planning and implementing start to end deal workflow process and incorporating his/her department into existing company structures.

Loans Product Sales Manager manages and leads a staff compliment of up to 50 personnel in his department.Responsibilities will involve the full spectrum of microfinance management including, but not limited to, Profitability & Control, Collections, Sales, Marketing, Promotions Management, Leadership & Staff Management, & Business administration relating to quality management of applications submitted to the central processing center.

In addition your goal should be to grow business in your department to the point where a second, local to your region, processing center is justified and can be opened.

Assist the Group Operations Manager in establishing policies and in problem solving, decision-making & establishes & tracks relevant performance measures in areas of responsibility in order to implement and execute solutions to address unsatisfactory performance.

Work environment

Work is performed both in the field & in a fast-paced office setting, with frequent interruptions from walk-in customer’s that visit the branches & kiosks to enquire and potentially take up the credit products on offer.The job entails traveling between the different branches & kiosks, and it might mean that the incumbent will be operating from various or different areas on a daily basis.


Essential Job Functions

Profitability & control

  1. Ensure that all areas achieve the agreed upon sales targets as per minimum  requirements and agreed annual budgets,
  2. Ensure all areas maintain the required product “mix” with regards to New Loans, Top-Up Loans, Cancelations, etc. or any new product that are developed in the future.
  3. Ensures that new client recruitment/acquisitions are done as per minimum requirements, and minimum targets that are agreed on,
  4. Monitor and manage collections on the different products, and ensure that the business achieve minimum requirement on the deals that they submit for approval, for all entities that have a deduction agreement in place with Afritec.
  5. Decrease Arrears in the business by assisting to determine why non-payments take place, and provide information to minimize arrears accounts.
  6. Ensure that your staff know exactly which of our products beat the competition hands down and develop very specific campaigns to target those customers.

Leadership & Management

  1. Leads the Loan Clerks, Senior Loan Clerks and Branch Managers in the areas of your responsibility,
  2. Lead by example (you must be able to do what you tell others to do)
  3. Promote and practice clear and regular communication,
  4. Promotes staff development,
  5. Directs, Motivates and appropriately influences others to achieve the goals of the company,
  6. Serves as a credible role model and team leader,
  7. Displays a positive attitude at all times,
  8. Sets high standards for the group, and for the team,
  9. Articulates clear goals and expectations,
  10. Builds a strong sense of teamwork, purpose, group identity & performance driven culture,
  11. Delegates appropriate levels of authority to others,
  12. Deals effectively with people’s concerns and problems.
  13. Formal and “on-the-job training” to be done without supervision
  14. Identify and appoint suitable candidates for the vacancies in your department.

Sales, Marketing & Promotions Management

  1. Adhere to branding standards and minimum requirements as determined by the business
  2. Establish branding in all areas of operations via building signage and roadside signage.
  3. Assist in Coordination of national sales, marketing and promotional campaigns
  4. Assist in Coordination of local sales, marketing and promotional campaigns in all the towns of operation and surrounding areas that they service,
  5. Assist in Planning, Implementation & Control of local sales, promotional and marketing activities,
  6. Assist with the Coordination all staff appearance and conduct as per minimum requirements and dress code.
  7. Assist with the Design, implementation and execution of local marketing and promotional activities & coordinate electronic marketing and promotional campaigns relevant to your division.
  8. Monitor and manage the customer retention process,
  9. Inspire, motivate & instruct staff to do sales, marketing & promotional activities in all operational areas on a daily, weekly & monthly basis, including public holidays or special periods during the year where applicable e.g. “back to school campaigns”, “festive season campaigns”, “holiday periods”, etc.
  10. Assist in the Design, implementation and execution of daily sales & marketing of the product range.
  11. Coordinate the management of the division regarding company look and feel as per minimum required standards through the operational structures.
  12. Ensuring the mandatory signage are always properly displayed at all branches & kiosks. (Teardrop banners, Window Banners, Circular Wobblers).
  13. Ensure all branches and kiosks always has adequate stock of generic flyers and make sure promotional flyers are received in time for promotional events.


  1. Perform regular deal audits and quality checks
  2. Perform regular town visits in order to train and determine business needs with regards to marketing, promotional and community involvement projects in the local and surrounding areas of these towns,
  3. Ensure all products adhere to local legislation and rules
  4. Audits of clients files relating to affordability rules as set by BOTUSAFE, NBFIRA or any other entity that may require affordability rules to be applied to their loans.
  5. Ensure that all documentation and client files are compiled as per minimum company requirements.
  6. Company assets and property to be in good condition.
  7. All loan applications to be done as per scoring/validation requirements.
  8. Daily, Weekly & Monthly feedback on the overall performance of the Field Agents.

Staff Management

  1. Ensure staffing levels are maintained at the agreed levels per the staffing plan.
  2. Ensure appointments are done in line with company policy.
  3. Ensure terminations are done in line with company policy.
  4. Ensure monthly commission calculations are done in line with agreed schemes.

Additional job functions

  1. Represents the company/group at various community boards and advisory groups as assigned.
  2. Attends public meetings, employer meetings, prepare reports and present the group as it is requested,
  3. Coordinate and drive the signing-up of new employer agreements and 3rd party agreements where agreed upon.
  4. Preparation of departmental budget, budget adjustments and prepares periodic special reports for the department under your control.
  5. Performs related tasks as required.

Performance Targets

  1. It is expected that your department must reach a monthly average sales target of at least 90% of budget.
  2. The Loans Product Sales Manager is responsible for reaching the department’s monthly sales targets.
  3. The Loans Product Sales Manager has full authority to address any administrative issues in any department leading to delays in disbursements or in the alternate to escalate to the Group Operations Manager.
  4. The Loans Product Sales Manager will prepare and monitor on a daily basis the sales targets he set for his division and discuss these with management on a daily basis as well.


  • BGCSE/IGCSE Certificate.
  • Must have at least passed Form 5 with Mathematics.
  • Higher education advantageous

Background Experience

  • Sales experience required. Computer literacy, time management and ability to control work flow to achieve desired results.
  • At least of one year experience in the construction or building material industry.  Staff must be familiar with building and hardware terminology, the building/construction process and a good understanding on building materials and labour required to complete construction/renovations.
  • Time Management
  • Computer literacy
  • Self-driven and responsible
  • Experience at a financial institution will be an added advantage.








Closing Date: 17 March 2023