National Chicks is the largest completely integrated supplier of day-old chicks to the independent market of broiler growers. We are also the only supplier of chicks that is involved in every aspect of the supply chain, from the production of the Grandparent stock which produces the correct genetic breeding stock to ensure optimal performance, to the complete control of all the parent flocks and the entire supply chain that produces a great chick that is completely traceable.

  Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing    Public / Listed Company    1000 - 2500    PO Box 105 Umlaas Road 3730
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Farm Manager (Breeders) - Boston KwaZulu Natal


The role of the Breeder Farm Manager is to manage staff in a disciplined and effective manner to achieve the targets and objectives required by the company.

Published Date:  30 November 2023   Closing Date:  30 December 2023