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#MyCareer is a holistic, digital career guidance solution assisting individuals from Grade 9 to 12 in identifying their strengths and interests to pursue careers with passion.

#MyCareer enables organisations to identify amazing talent in their communities allowing alignment of learnerships, bursaries and identification of suitable beneficiaries through strategic sourcing. Providing organisations with talent and skills information that is not readily available.

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Sponsor scholar(s) for R950.00 per scholar and receive your Article 18(a) certificate for taxation benefits.


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The #MyCareer Foundation aims to provide digital career guidance to students in Grade 9 to 12. The goal is to provide at least 20% of the estimated 800 000 scholars passing through a high school grade annually in South Africa, with digital career guidance by the end of 2025.

The #MyCareer Foundation is seeking partners to circumvent the skills crises we are faced with:

79% of youth's career interests do not align to jobs available in their communities
40% of students say their school/college did not prepare them with the skills for the job they want
52% of youth reported barriers & challenges to getting the skills required for the job they want

#MyCareer Sponsors

#MyCareer allows you to:

Provide scholars with comprehensive digital career feedback that includes:
  • An overview of strengths and skills
  • Preferred career areas
  • Level of preparation required
  • Development guidance
  • Grade 9 Specific: University recommended and required subjects for identified career interest
  • Grade 11 and 12 Specific: Preferred work environment
Align the #MyCareer data & top talent with internal talent processes such as learnerships, bursaries & Internships/Graduate Programs
Receive an Article 18(a) Certificate
Contribute to 9 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
Participate in the annual #MyCareer event or custom your own event