#MyCareer Scholar

The future you dream of, starts here…

Work on your talent and follow your passion. Get to know your strengths today for FREE! Start now and identify your strengths and interests, improve your skills and identify careers that you can pursue with passion.

The #MyCareer moves beyond traditional career pathing and general interest to help you prepare for the new world of work. The future you dream of, starts here…

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Assisting Grade 9 students to identify their strengths, and choose subjects linked to their career interests and future world of work requirements.
Providing students with:
  • Overview of strengths and skills
  • Preferred career areas
  • University required and recommended subjects for identified career interests
  • Level of preparation required


Enabling Grade 10 to 12 scholars as well as students to choose a career path through linking strengths and interests to career possibilities.
Providing students with:
  • Overview of strengths and skills
  • Most preferred career areas
  • Level of preparation required
  • Preferred work environment


Globally organisations are battling to fill vacancies due to the increasing mismatch between skills and employer needs – not to mention how the new world of work is transforming organisations and jobs.

The #MyCareer allows you to know how and to what extent you need to prepare for the future by recognizing what skills and personal strengths need to be transferable into various roles and circumstances.

The #MyCareer moves beyond career pathing and general interest, but rather answers the question of how to prepare for the future, ensuring you do not become obsolete.

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  • Identifies your unique skills mapped to the new world of work.
  • Combines interest and preference to indicate your preferred career possibilities.
  • Occupational approach to prepare you for the future world of work.
  • Provides you with all the tools needed to make an informed career decision.
  • The #MyCareer combines career interest with a strength-based questionnaire and cognitive ability tests, to provide a holistic overview of your potential.


  • Your unique skills and strengths.
  • Most and least preferred career areas.
  • Preferred work environment.
  • Level of work preparation to achieve your desired career change.
  • Each career area is linked to O-Net with more than 12 000 jobs to choose from.