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We combine renowned psychometrics with the world’s largest Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms

A guaranteed faster recruitment process with automated screening and applicant workflow. Reduce hiring time and improve quality by using assessments in a revolutionary cost effective way

  • Attract amazing talent like no one else can
  • Advertise on multiple AI driven platforms instantly
  • Improve objectivity and reduce time-to-hire
  • Optimise human hours and make better talent decisions
  • Provide an integrated, automated applicant journey in one portal
  • Enable strategic talent sourcing and build external talent pipelines
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Saville, a global leader in psychometrics and the world’s most affordable mobile first volume assessments available in one portal with integrated reporting

Matched to the job requirements, psychometric assessments enable organisations to predict job success and individuals to identify development areas

  • Affordable mobile first volume assessments
  • Pick from an array of assessments for senior roles based on the job description
  • Optimise assessment utility and ROI (providing best value for money)
  • User friendly assessment setup and integrated assessment reports*
  • Single sign on for applicants, easy completion and digital feedback*
*portal access, assessment reports and digital applicant feedback are no cost items

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Optimise employee engagement, potential and performance, improve effectiveness and ensure long-term organisational viability

Holistic talent management focussed on developing positive factors and minimising negative factors related to engagement, performance and potential. Improve performance and workplace climate by measuring job satisfaction, work-life balance and general wellbeing. Create custom interventions with a digital dashboard to segment data anonymously.

  • Integrate employee potential, performance and engagement in a 3D talent matrix
  • Quantify and understand the long term impact Covid-19 had on employees
  • Quantify and balance demands and resources at work and at home
  • Digital dashboard allowing advance interpretation of data
  • Instant digital feedback to employees on their own work engagement results
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Use Predictive Talent Analytics to quantify and manage the succession risk whilst monitoring the development and succession gap objectively

An easy to implement succession solution ranging from critical role identification up to monitoring and reporting on the succession gap in an automated manner

  • Standard digital approach to identify critical roles
  • Activate Emergency Transition Plans to manage operational risks
  • Unbiased and objective application
  • Objective successor selection
  • Customised Career Crafter based on individual development and job requirements
  • Monitor the succession risk with a digital dashboard powered by accurate and real time Predictive Talent Analytics
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Core Product Principles

Our mission to provide smarter, faster and simpler talent solutions is achored in 6 principles that provides the foundation for all our solutions


Solutions designed by Industrial Psychologists to ensure a sound psychological foundation.


Build your own approach to fit your need! Use one of our templates, or create your own!

Mobile First

All our solutions are designed with the end user in mind. Use your mobile to complete different tasks without hassle!


An industry first subscription model tailored to your budgeting needs.

Do it yourself

Whether you use the technology for recruit, assess, engage or retain - its easy peasy! Do it yourself and own your process!

Smart Technology

Leverage the latest technology and AI available to ensure our integrated platform works for you.

Product and Technology Partners

You asked, and we listened. The Trendi platform has integrated with various partners to make your talent management experience amazing.

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