We are excited to introduce Trendi Search as our new value add!

Assisting our clients to find amazing talent in the shortest amount of time, now include the option to add Trendi Search to their recruitment process.

Trendi Search is a radical way of searching for expert skills, astute strategic partners and seasoned executives without having to pay a placement or agency fee! We offer two high touch, risk free Talent Search options, and if we can not find the talent you were looking for, its on us!

Get Going


Core Principles

Flexible usage

Activate your unique search in two ways:

  • From the get go - no advertisements or applications processes. Ideally used for specialist or scare skilled-jobs.
  • After running your normal Trendi vacancy process and you did not find amazing talent. Simply select the Talent Search option, and rest assured, your initial vacancy cost* is on us!


  • Pay a flat rate per job when using Trendi Search, no additional placement fees.
  • If you did not get the talent you want during our standard Trendi Recruit process, and need to search for amazing talent, the initial vacancy cost* is on us!

Unique searches every time

  • Our business is to make it personal, we search for potential applicants based on your requirements and not from a pre-selected list.
  • Reducing applicant recycling and introducing new talent to the market.

* Please note T&C's do apply for: a) waiving initial vacancy costs, and b) activating Priority Search. Please speak to one of our Experts regarding the T&C's.

In a hurry to make an appointment?

Our standard turn around time is 21 working days. If this do not match your urgency, select the Priority Search* option and we will aim to fill your vacancy with amazing talent within 10 days.

Get Searching

Trendi Search Process


Job Overview

Complete a short job profile

Assist us with answering a few critical questions. Upload the detailed job description. Select either the Standard or the Priority search option.



Our team is actively searching

Using AI and a global digital network, we search for the perfect candidate! If need be, we will advertise your position online or on newspapers too*


Candidate Engagement

Pre-qualification & screening

High touch approach in connecting with potential candidates. Pre-qualify the candidate based on your requirements (relocation,etc.)


Candidate confirmation

Obtaining additional information

After expressing interest, the candidate will complete a series of assessments, allowing you to make an informed decision.



Get feedback from our search team

Providing you with more than just a CV. Custom feedback based on engagement, assessments & work attainments.



Receive your invoice

Receive your invoice without any hidden fees. If you could not place the applicant, its on us*