This vacancy has been closed.

Closing Date: 20 February 2023
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Principal Internal Auditor (Information Systems & Projects)  Gaborone
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Main Purpose of the Job

To organise, manage, supervise and assist in the audit of computer-based systems and projects.  This includes identification and evaluation of risks, examination and reporting on the adequacy and effectiveness of the controls implemented to ensure confidentiality, integrity, reliability and availability of the systems. To ensure that the internal control environment, risk management and governance processes  meet  Board requirements, International Standards and align with best practice, thereby providing effectiveness and efficiency in delivery of information.

Job Requirements

A Masters degree, preferably in Information Systems, Information Technology Systems and a recognised professional Certification in Information Systems Auditor (CISA) or equivalent plus at least four years post qualification experience in Computer Information System Audit and Information Security Control. Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) qualification will be an added advantage.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Information Technology Systems or equivalent Information Systems plus a recognised professional Certification or Certified in Internal Auditor (CISA) plus at least six years relevant post qualification experience in Computer Information Systems Audit, and Information Security Control. Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) qualification will be added advantage.


Key Result Areas

1. Enhancement of risk awareness and risk control measures in  all information technology related systems of the Bank;

2. Timely completion of approved annual computer system related audit work programme and effective implementation of staff development programme;

3. Implementation and maintenance of the IASD’s Quality Assurance and Improvement Programme , resulting in effective, efficient and economic control environment in the Bank; and

4. Monitoring and follow-up to ensure implementation of appropriate corrective action by Departments following observations made during audits.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Prepares annual computer system and projects related to the audit work programme for submission to the Deputy Director, Internal Audit Services;

2. Implements approved annual audit work programme;

3. Manages/supervises computer system audit assignments and provides on-going advice and professional guidance on systems, projects and Audit processes;

4. Keeps abreast of developments and new technologies  in the ICT profession to ensure pro-active implementation of system controls to safeguard the information processing of the Bank;

5. Ensures that  detailed systems audit procedure manuals/ programs are in place and/or that the Risk and Control Matrix is comprehensive enough to meet the set Audit objectives, and ensures the implementation of International Standards on auditing computer systems;

6. Identifies and evaluates risks and recommends improvements in internal control systems for the protection and efficient utilisation of the assets and resources of the Bank;

7. Administers and monitors the implementation of special EDP investigations or projects in collaboration with the audit team and provides professional guidance and  direction;

8. Discusses findings and observations in audit reports with Senior/Line Management of Auditee Departments/Divisions and follows up audit recommendations to ensure that appropriate  corrective action is taken;

9. Investigates allegations and suspicions of computer system- based fraud or any other form of misappropriation, or breach of the Bank’s financial management, accounting or administrative policies, practices or procedures;

10. Plans and participates in information technology and reserve management internal control and security effectiveness audits, identifies control weaknesses and makes appropriate recommendations.

11. Provides guidance to staff of Internal Audit Services Department, and other Departments in planning and scheduling information technology systems reviews and audits;

12. Participates on an advisory capacity in the review of planning and development of the Bank’s computer-based financial management and accounting systems;

13. Liaises with the Bank’s External Auditors during external  audits and follows-up internally the implementation of External Auditors’ recommendations;

14. Evaluates performance of staff and makes recommendations to the Deputy Director Internal Audit Services for staff development and training, promotion and performance-based salary awards in accordance with laid down procedures and criteria;

15. Provides advisory assistance in policy and procedure  development, system implementation and change management;

16. Contributes to the formulation and implementation of the strategic Internal Audit policies and procedures for the Bank;

17. Contributes to the maintenance of staff discipline in accordance with laid down policies and procedures; and

18. Undertakes such other related duties as directed by the  Deputy Director, Internal Audit Services or the Director.



Closing Date: 20 February 2023